City Kids Elementary

1st - 4th Grade

Equipping kids in Jesus to reach their city


At CCO City Kids it is important that we Inspire, Equip and Support your kids to learn the word of God and apply it to their everyday lives within their city. In the 1st-4th grade our team applies three steps every weekend that allows your child to feel safe and loved while also learning the Word of God in a fun and creative way.

Our first step is Anticipate, during this time it is the chance for leaders and kids to initially connect with each other by playing games or doing certain activities together that welcomes your child into City Kids. Also during Anticipate is our worship time, this time allows for leaders and kids to connect by worshipping Jesus together through upbeat movements and dancing led by our worship leaders.

Celebrate is where the kids get to Celebrate God's Word through an engaging and interactive story time. During this time your kids will be lead through The Big God Story where they will discover that the Bible is God's Story and that He led people like, Noah, Moses and David to fulfill His ultimate promise, the freedom of sin through His Son Jesus Christ.

Respond is where your child takes the The Big God Story and applies it to their lives. Led by one of our leaders your kids will break off into small groups and Respond to the lesson that they heard for the day through a series of questions that engages their minds and challenges them to fully understand the Word of God and build relationships not only with their leader and other kids in their group but with Jesus Christ as well.

 At CCO City Kids we know that what happens at home is more important than what happens at church. The family has nearly 3,000 hours a year of influence versus the 40 hours the church has. The church has an important role, but not the lead role. Our job is to partner with you and to be a resource to you as you lead your child into a growing relationship with Jesus. At the end of each service your child will get a take home sheet that we call Homefront. On the Homefront is the next weeks lesson, their remember verse for the month and different activities that you can do with your child to Inspire, Equip and Support them in their growing relationship with Jesus. Did you know that the single most important factor in determining your child's spiritual growth is your spiritual growth?

"Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of heaven." Matthew 19:14

Digging Into the Life of Jesus leads kids in walking in Jesus’ footsteps from his birth to his resurrection and ascension. Kids don’t just learn about the historical Jesus; they get to know him personally. They’ll discover that Jesus is a real person—a real friend—who makes a difference in their lives today.

Check-In System:
Please check your child in at the City Kids check-in kiosk each week. For your child’s first visit, you will be asked to register at our "New Families" Kiosk. We use this to record pertinent information and dates when your child visits us. After your initial visit, they become a regular attendee and will receive a permanent name sticker. It is important that you indicate if your child has any allergies, special needs, or custody issues so we can address your needs.

Security & Pick-up:
Numbers are assigned at the  check-in kiosk, a name/number sticker is presented to the parent who checked the child in. If your child should need you during the service, this number will flash on the red lighted number panel located in the sanctuaries. At pick up, your child will only be released to the person with the  name/number claim sticker. All City Kids team members go through special training and are processed and screened for Megan’s Law and International clearance. They also will be wearing a name badge to identify them as City Kids team members.

First time users can register your children now to be sure they are in the system before you attend.